Couldn't Be Happier!!

Greg captured every single detail of our incredible day! I have continued to get raving reviews from friends and family regarding our wedding pictures. His BEAUTIFUL photos will help us remember every moment of our special day!

Truly Amazing!!!!

Greg is amazing! He is extremely professional, as well as friendly, flexible and just a genuinely nice guy. My husband and I loved working with...both during our engagement shoot and on our wedding day. And the photos are amazing!!!! I just received them (less than a month after the wedding!) and I cannot stop looking at them. They truly take me back to the wedding day...and he captured things I never got to see that day. I cannot say enough about working with Greg and the magnificent photographs he creates. Greg is a very talented photographer!! I have already recommended him to a friend (and anyone else that will listen to me)! :)

The Best Photographer!!

I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect photographer. I had heard so many horror stories, regarding the picture results and I have to say I cannot stop looking at my wedding pictures. They are just beautiful!! The lighting, scenery, the different pictures and positions that were captured, were absoultly beautiful!! I cannot wait to blow my pictures up and display them in my house. Another issue I had when looking at other photographers, is that they wanted to charge you for their service plus whatever pictures you decided you liked that they took. Greg gives you a CD of every picture he took, so you can decide what to do with them. I am just so lucky to have had someone mention his name to me. All you have to do is check out his website and the pictures on it will already blow you away.

Thank you Greg for the best experience and pictures and Bride can ask for!! Carly and Frank 9/7/12

Greg Wyatt is amazing!!

Greg's passion and excitement for his work is contagious! He would anything in order to capture a moment and the end result was breathtaking! Greg and his team were professional, passionate and such a pleasure to work with.

Best Photographer Ever

What a fantastic night it was!! Our event was my daughter's wedding! Thanks to Greg we now have it all in beautiful pictures!! He and his partner were highly professional! They knew how and where to take the best and most unique pictures! We are so pleased and so happy that we went with this recommendation!! I would highly recommend Greg for any event !!

Awesome photography

I don't write reviews, but thought I'd make an exception in this case. Every bride worries about the qualities in the vendors they choose, most importantly in photography. I know I did. Some questions that came to mind are: Will the pictures turn out with good quality? Is the photographer nice? Professional? Will we get along? Are there open lines of communication? The answer to all is, yes.

After meeting with Greg and Natalie, my husband and I knew we had made the right choice in not only choosing a photographer, but their photo booth package as well. Greg is amazing and will do what's needed to get that picture just right. He knew how important this was to us as we got married on our 10 year anniversary. He was great with our guests and kept us right on schedule. When we received our engagement and wedding pictures we love, love, loved 'em. Posing for pictures can get awkward, but Greg knew how to make us feel comfortable, feel natural and because of that, we're wanting to have an anniversary photography session to see us and our future family grow throughout the years.

Greg Wyatt Wedding Photography

We are very happy with the photos that Greg took for us on our wedding day! He did a fantastic job capturing our big day, and was easy to work with. He is fun, enthusiastic, and you can tell that he is passionate about his work.

Fantastic Wedding Photographer

Greg and his wife Natalie were always very nice, very helpful, and very warm toward my new husband and I. Greg does fantastic work and doesn't charge through the nose for it. We've already received our photos back and we love all of them. I can't even say how many times we commented on not even realizing he was capturing certain moments we had because he's so quiet and stealth when photographing. I would recommend Greg to anyone, hands down.

My wedding day

I have to say I had the best photographer greg wyatt photography beautiful pictures and great unique ideas for the pictures, he also captured everyone at the wedding it was nice.

Greg is who you want, he is AMAZING!

If you want someone who loves and truly has a passion for photography, Greg is your guy. I LOVE our wedding pictures, the lighting, the editing, and those candid creative shots that he fought hard to get paid off, he truly is talented. Greg even captured the most amazing shot of a ladybug on my dress. It is a shot that will forever be close to my heart. My husband is a photographer as well and Greg’s photos blew him away. Greg was so passionate about making sure he captured every special piece of our wedding and as we were getting ready for our big day. Finding Greg was the best and the most important part of our wedding. Having those amazing moments he captured to look back at for the rest of our lives. He captured moments that had me laughing for days. I don’t know what I would have done if Greg wasn’t there to capture all the AMAZING moments and for his helping hand. Greg took breath-taking photos but didn’t stop there, he reminded me as I thought I was done getting ready that I didn’t have my earrings on, now that’s a great photographer, down the let smallest details. Greg was so easy to work with and he made me feel calm after a crazy morning of making sure everything was in its place for the big day. If you want amazing photos with the perfect lighting, creative shots along with capturing all the special moments, make sure you pick Greg and his amazing team, he will make your wedding complete. He is now a friend for life and will defiantly be recommended from me. We cannot thank you enough Greg!!

Love him!!

Greg was AMAZING!! Our engagement photos were great we have a dog and he was all for him being in the pictures!! As for the wedding?....100% I recommend him! He was all over the place, in a good way! He got pictures of people I would have never expected and am so happy with them. I love what he did with the lighting and editing, he made everything look so amazing! Our special day wouldn't have been the same without him.

Greg Wyatt & His Team of Super Photographers posted 8/22/2012

Ok, we have ALL heard stories of many different types of super heroes growing up, and wish that one day we could actually meet one in person. Well that was the case with our photographer Greg Wyatt, his wife Natalie, and his team of super photographers. My wife and I got married on August 12, 2012, at Serra Plaza in beautiful San Juan Capistrano. Upon our arrival Greg and his team of photographers were ready to roll. It was absolutely amazing. They captured all the special moments without hesitation, from my lovely wife getting ready all the way down to my groomsman & I having a good time. Now, when the moment finally arrived for us to walk down the aisle and finalize our nuptials Greg & his team of super photographers were all in position set snapping & capturing everything from every angle. After the nuptials were done Greg, took my wife & I, & started to take our personal photos as husband & wife. I mean this guy was laying on his stomach, running here and there, going up the stairs, down the stairs and at one point I could have sworn he leaped from one side of the venue to the other still photographing us without missing a beat. WOW!!! Now, his team was pretty much the same, I mean these guys and woman were just popping out of nowhere. I mean to be honest I did not even notice the female photographer until I was dancing & BOOM! there she was just snapping away. Even though there was three photographers it seemed like there was a whole group of them just taking pictures from all over the venue. Man, this crew was incredible with their precision, accuracy, and dedication to making this day even more special than what it already was. Now, not only did he make our wedding day, a day to remember, Greg and his wife Natalie also took our engagement photos a few months earlier at the Mission in San Juan Capistrano, and at the Montage Resort in Dana Point, making that just as memorable. Greg you are AMAZING!!!! Greg Wyatt Photography is hands down the best and if we could give him more than a five star rating we would. He went above and beyond all our expectations. This guy is a true professional, & we would recommend him to everyone. He starts on time, stays in constant contact with you, & he will not leave until you do. If you want to cherish your special day for the rest of your life, look no further because Greg Wyatt Photography is the ONLY way to go. GWP, is professionalism at its best, & he definitely cares about you as if you were family. Greg Wyatt Photography is the by far the best there is in capturing your special moments.

The most AMAZING Photographer EVER!!!

Greg Wyatt can do no wrong! He is not only an equisit Photographer but he also is very charming and charismatic. He has an artful eye and it seems like every single shot is breath-taking...it was so hard to choose individual shots for our wedding album. Greg and his team are the best at their craft and they love what they do! Greg would be taking beautiful pictures even if he had to it for free...I love that about him...make him one in a million!

The best!!

Greg Wyatt was a dream to work with and an AMAZING photographer! From the start, he was easy to talk to, returned phone calls right away and seemed truly excited to be a part of our wedding. For our engagement photos, he was willing to drive to more than one location and all of our pictures turned out perfect! He captured some incredible shots and used some very creative points of view to make our pictures even better! On the day of our wedding, he brought an assistant that was great to work with as well. Greg and his assistant were very patient with my entire wedding party and my hard- to- find- for- pictures family, and everyone was commenting on how great the photographer was! We got our pictures back online within weeks and had a great time reliving our wedding day with all of our friends and family. We would HIGHLY recommend Greg Wyatt Photography to anyone that asks

I am SO lucky I found Greg, you can't get any better

I'm a photographer so when I went looking for one, I was so picky. It took me forever to look through tons of their blogs and portfolios. As soon as I saw Greg's, I felt like he was the one. :) Since first talking with him and Natalie about being my wedding photographer, my family booked him to do our family portraits when everyone came to visit for Christmas. They loved him, and the pictures were amazing even though they were just all in the house! There were kids everywhere and he's so calm and easy-going... and patient. After that, he did our Engagement Session. I can't say how much we all love them and Greg's talent and demeanor is so perfect for getting the most amazing photos that you'll

love! My wedding is in a couple of weeks and I have no worries at ALL about my photos, I'm just excited to see him and Natalie again and see what we end up with! If you want someone who won't just do the regular "Comes with the frame" photos, you'll love his dynamic and his ideas... when he takes the photo, you imagine what it might come out like and when you see it later, it will blow you away! He has a very creative eye and you have to see what he can do!!! I'll be calling them every time I have any kind of event now. They give you every picture in High Definition, it comes with it. The cost is very reasonable, and what you get back is priceless!

Great to work with

Greg was so easy and fun to work with. He worked with us during our engagement session and for our Wedding and we received countless compliments on how gorgeous the photos came out! Greg was very professional and made us feel very comfortable about the entire process. We couldn't have asked for a better photographer to capture our special day! I have already referred him to several friends!

Shayne Harper

Wow, what an remarkable photographer!! I was referred to Greg and Natalie by a co-worker and met with them only about a month before the wedding. They were so great to work with, pleasant and professional and the nicest people you’ll meet. They made me, and my now husband, feel so comfortable and right at home. They were in complete and constant communication leading up to the big day, which removed that stress for me. They arrived early and scouted out the entire facility, to confirm the absolute best photo opportunities were utilized. All through the ceremony, photos and reception, Greg was on top of everything. He didn’t miss any shot. Greg has an amazing eye for pictures!! We received our wedding pictures back only three days after the wedding!! We started looking through them and would literally gasp! We were speechless...they are unbelievable!!! I could not be happier with how the pictures turned out. They tell a story of how the entire day progressed. The pictures look like works of art!! Absolutely amazing angles and lighting! We love Greg and Natalie and could never thank them enough for the unforgettable experience and lifelong pictures we will cherish forever.

Beautiful photos!

Greg Wyatt Photography was wonderful! Greg and Natalie were easy to work with and very accommodating. Greg has a great eye for unique shots and goes out of his way to capture all the best moments of your event. His prices are incredible for the quality of work he puts together. You definitely won't be disappointed!

Total Package: Expertise, Style & Fun

When it came to selecting a photographer for our wedding day, we knew we need someone who was 1) an expert at their craft 2) had the photography style we envisioned for our day 2) easy and fun to work with. Greg was the only photographer we found that hit all 3 marks with flying colors. We immediately felt at ease during our first meeting with Greg and his wife Natalie. His work speaks for itself. Greg was super responsive via email and extremely flexible with schedules and adaptable to any conditions. The day of our wedding I had him going from the salon, to the hotel, to the venue and he just kept going. He was very professional and energetic – such a hard worker. We got our wedding photos so quickly, I’m still in disbelief. He sent us a link while we were honeymooning in Hawaii so it was so incredible to look through our wedding photos and enjoy the day all over again. In fact, he’s waiting us on to select photos for our wedding album, how many people have that experience – the vendor waiting on the client – never. There are just too many good ones, we can’t pick! I wish everyone could have the same type of wonderful experience with wedding photographers that we had with Greg.